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618 Area Code

What Is Area Code 618?

When you make a phone call, you need to dial the area code first. Area code 618 is in Illinois. If you're calling someone in Illinois, you need to dial 618 before the phone number.

How Many Cities In The US Use 618 As Their Area Code?

There are quite a few cities in the US with 618 as their area code. In fact, there are at least six cities that use 618 as their area code. Champaign, IL; Greenville, IL; Mount Vernon, IL; Salem, IL; Pinckneyville, IL; and Sparta, IL are all cities that use 618 as their area code.Why did these cities choose 618 as their area code? It's hard to say for certain, but it's possible that they chose it because it's a unique area code. 618 is one of only three area codes in Illinois that aren't part of the 312 or 708 area codes. It's possible that these cities wanted a unique area code that would help them stand out from the rest.

Whatever the reason, these cities are all using 618 as their area code. If you're looking for a city in Illinois with 618 as its area code, these are your best options.

Why Should I Lookup Numbers With Area Code 618?

When dialing a telephone number, most people would not think about looking up the area code. However, there are a few good reasons why you should lookup numbers with area code 618.The first reason is because of the number of scams that are being perpetrated using area code 618. By checking the area code before you dial, you can avoid being scammed.

Another reason to lookup area code 618 is to protect your privacy. Many scammers will try to get your personal information by disguising their telephone number with an area code that is not local to you.

Finally, it is just a good habit to get into. By checking the area code before you dial, you can avoid any potential problems and make sure you are dialing the correct number.



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Cities Served by 618 Are Code

  • Mississippi, MS
  • Arizona, AZ
  • New Hampshire, NH
  • South Dakota, SD
  • Kentucky, KY
  • New York, NY
  • Wisconsin, WI
  • New Jersey, NJ
  • Pennsylvania, PA
  • Minnesota, MN
  • Ohio, OH
  • Tennessee, TN
  • Michigan, MI
  • Massachusetts, MA
  • Illinois, IL

Details of Prefixes in 618 Area Code

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