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What Is Reverse Phone Lookup?

Thanks in part to multiple data breaches, getting your phone number is much easier these days than you think. But that’s no excuse for falling for spam calls or scams. With USPhoneLookup, you can now find out the person behind that call through a completely free reverse phone lookup. A lookup may also reveal all social media profiles associated with the number.
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Why Reverse Phone Number Lookup?

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  • default imgUncover caller identity

    Missed a call? Perform a reverse number lookup and you will be able to identify who’s behind the call and decide if you should return the call or not.

  • default imgConnect with a long-lost friend

    Through a free reserve phone number lookup, you can re-establish contact with a relative, friend from high school, former work colleague, or associate.

  • default imgRun a background check

    Got a cold call from a potential investor or business partner? You can run a phone number search to help you know if you are falling for a scam or not.

  • default imgManage your online profile

    You can do a reverse phone number lookup to know what the internet has on you ahead of important business mergers, investments or visa applications.

  • default imgEnsure your child’s safety

    Although controversial, it’s often a good idea to review your teen’s phone history and randomly run a lookup on some numbers to save them from cyber trafficking.

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How to use USPhoneLookup?

Running a reverse phone lookup is simple and straightforward with USPhoneLookup. Here's how to go about it:

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    Enter phone number:

    Find the reserve phone lookup section of our website and enter the phone number you want to search out.

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    Start your search:

    Click the Start Search button. We then search our database for any records relating to the phone number.

  • 3

    Review results:

    You can now explore the caller's personal and contact information and his/her social profile in one place.

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What Can You Find With Our 100% Free Reverse Number Search?

A reverse phone number lookup via helps you extract a wealth of information on the unidentified caller by tracking a cell phone by number. It should bring up the following:

  • Name
  • Social media profiles
  • Age
  • Families and mutuals
  • Home and office addresses
  • Neighbors
  • Email address
  • Education
  • Alternate Phone Numbers
  • Job title

What Is the Advantage of USPhoneLookup?

  • Easy to use

    Our platform is easy to use, even for newbies. All you have to do is enter the phone number online. You do not need any special FBI, CIA or detective skills to use it.

  • Secure and anonymous

    All phone lookups via are secure and anonymous. Your data entered on our platform is communicated securely through our encryption protocols to the servers.

  • Efficient and quick

    Our search architecture is designed to extract information from phone directories and listings about the caller or phone number owner in a few minutes.

  • Extensive reports

    Our phone number lookup reports are well detailed and may contain the name, social media profiles, employment history or criminal history of the caller.

Reverse Phone Number Search by Area Code

You can even look up phone numbers by area code. Pick the target area code from the list below to kickstart your phone number search now.

  • 2XX
  • 3XX
  • 4XX
  • 5XX
  • 6XX
  • 7XX
  • 8XX
  • 9XX


How does a reverse phone number lookup at USPhoneLookup work?

Once you provide the phone number, our website immediately sifts through millions of records and brings up the phone number owner’s name and other basic details about them in minutes. With the results of the search, you can make more informed decisions about whether or not to return the missed call. The biggest plus? Our phone search service is 100% free.

How legal is it to do a number search?

Reverse number searches are legal. There are currently no regulations in the US against sites collating individuals’ personal public information. So, it’s completely legal to dig up information from number searches.

Do you keep records of my searches?

No, we don’t. All interactions with our website servers are discreet and anonymous. We do not keep any records whatsoever of your searches on our platform.

Where is the data collected from?

We collect data from local, state and federal public records. Data is also collected from other databases, including social media, public forums, arrest records, and phonebook listings.

Is there a free reverse phone lookup?

Yes, there is. Through, you can uncover a few basic information about an unknown caller with a free reverse phone lookup.

Can you Google search a phone number?

Yes, you can. However, your search results may be really limited, especially if the phone number isn’t listed on any social media platform. A phone number lookup gives more information on the subject.

Is it possible to remove my name from USPhoneLookup?

Yes, it is. USPhoneLookup has opt-out pages and forms you can use to request the removal of your name and other personal information from the website. Your request will be attended to.

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