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878 Area Code

Introduction To Area Code 878

Area code 878 is one of the original area codes established in Pennsylvania in 1947. It covers the western and northern suburbs of Pittsburgh, including the cities of Cranberry, Butler, and Zelienople.Despite being one of the older area codes, 878 is still in high demand due to its proximity to Pittsburgh. In fact, it's one of the most overcrowded area codes in the country. As a result, new numbers are becoming increasingly hard to come by.

If you're looking for a new phone number in the 878 area code, be prepared to jump through some hoops. You'll likely need to put your name on a waiting list and hope for the best. Alternately, you could try calling your local service provider and see if they have any available numbers in the 878 area code.

Regardless of how you go about it, getting a new phone number in 878 is going to be a challenge. But it's definitely worth it, especially if you live in one of the cities covered by this area code.

Regions That Use 878 As Area Code

There are a few areas in the United States that use the 878 area code. This number code is specific to certain regions in the country, and if you're not familiar with it, you might not know how to dial someone in that area.The 878 area code is used in parts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Specifically, it is used in the counties of Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, and in the counties of Camden, Gloucester, and Salem in New Jersey.

If you need to call someone in one of these areas, you'll need to dial the 878 area code first, then the rest of the phone number. Keep in mind that this area code is specific to these regions, so you won't be able to use it if you're trying to call someone in a different part of the country.

Time Zones With Area Code 878

What time is it in Pittsburgh, PA? If you're looking for the time in Pittsburgh, PA, you'll need to know the time zone. Pittsburgh is in the Eastern Time Zone, which is UTC-5.If you're looking for the time in a different time zone, use the table below to find the time zone for the area code you're looking for.

Time Zone Area Code

Pacific Time Zone 808

Mountain Time Zone 801

Central Time Zone 618

Eastern Time Zone 212

Atlantic Time Zone 506

Historical Information About Area Code 878

Area Code 878 was one of the original area codes established in 1947. It covered the northeastern part of Pennsylvania, including the city of Philadelphia. Over the years, the area code has changed, and it now includes parts of Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey.The 878 area code has a rich history, and it has been home to some of the most important events in American history. In the 1950s, the area code was home to the blacklisted Hollywood actors known as the "878 group." The group was blacklisted after they refused to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee.

In the 1960s, the 878 area code was the site of some of the most important protests of the civil rights movement. In 1962, Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his famous "I have a dream" speech in Washington, D.C. The speech was broadcast live on national television, and it was watched by millions of Americans.

The 878 area code is also home to some of the country's most famous landmarks. The Liberty Bell, the Betsy Ross House, and Independence Hall are all located in the 878 area code. These landmarks are a testament to the area code's rich history and importance in American culture.

Are 878 Area Code Numbers Scams?

Are 878 area code numbers scams? Some people seem to think so. In a recent blog post, one person recounted a story about how they had been scammed by someone who had called them from an 878 area code.The person who wrote the blog post said that they had been trying to purchase an item online, but the seller had asked for payment via an 878 area code number. The person then transferred the money, but never received the item. They later found out that the 878 area code is associated with scam phone calls.

So, is it safe to transfer money to someone who has an 878 area code? That's a question that many people are asking right now. Unfortunately, there isn't a definitive answer. There have been reports of scammers using 878 area codes, but there have also been reports of scammers using other area codes too.

At this point, it's up to each individual to decide whether they feel comfortable transferring money to someone who has an 878 area code. If you're unsure, it's always best to err on the side of caution and not transfer any money.

How To Report Suspicious Numbers With Area Code 878?

Area code 878 is suspicious! If you receive a call from this number, it's important to know what to do. Here's how to report suspicious numbers with area code 878: 1. Note the number and the time of the call.

2. Identify the area code.

3. Report the call to the appropriate authorities.

Remember, it's important to be vigilant against scam artists. If you receive a suspicious call, don't hesitate to report it!



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Cities Served by 878 Are Code

  • Utah, UT
  • Vermont, VT
  • South Carolina, SC
  • Virginia, VA
  • California, CA
  • Texas, TX
  • Hawaii, HI
  • Michigan, MI
  • Indiana, IN
  • Florida, FL
  • Pennsylvania, PA
  • Illinois, IL
  • Missouri, MO
  • Texas, TX
  • California, CA

Details of Prefixes in 878 Area Code

Current Location
  • (878) 202
    Time Warner Cable Information Svcs (pa), Pa
  • (878) 222
    Voxbeam Telecommunications Inc. - Pa
  • (878) 888
    Voxbeam Telecommunications Inc. - Pa
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